Soda Blasting

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Sodablasting is the process of propelling Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) with compressed air through a blast hose and out a blast nozzle.  The unique properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to remove paint, grease, mold, oil, soot, and other contaminants without damaging glass, chrome, and even thin sheet metal.  It is also possible to sodablast other softer substrates such as fiberglass, wood, plastics, carbon fiber, aggregate just to name a few.  There are no other blast medias that have these same characteristics.  Sodium Bicarbonate is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as an A1 Cleaner, so a non-contaminated blast pot can blast food processing and food preparation equipment.

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Partial list of applications and Soda Blasting characteristics below:


Automotive Paint Removal – Automotive Grease Removal – Automotive Soda Blasting

The advantage of using Tucson Soda blasting for automotive surface preparation is that paint, grease and undercoating can be removed without breaking the surface tension of the metal.  Paint can even be taken off a layer at a time and bondo can be left in or removed depending on the blasting techniques employed.

Aviation paint removal & Airplane paint removal is a tricky job. We can effectively blast whole airplanes, helicopters, and their various blades, airfoils, frames, & ribbing engine parts. There is not a better way to remove paint from rivets and hinges on aluminum than soda blasting. Sanding these areas just wears down the metal and can heat and distort the metal. It is because of the aircraft soda blasting service that aero-space products are able to have the paint removed from them without comprising the different metals used.
Graffiti Removal
Graffiti is like a cancer on the side of a building. No one wants the graffiti to show up and once it appears it often spreads. The best thing to do is get the graffiti removed as quickly as possible. Until Mobile Sodablasters arrived, there were few good graffiti removal options. Sand blasting tears into the substrate and severely damages the surface where the graffiti has been. Solvents and paint strippers only turn the paint into liquid allowing the pigment from the paint to leach further into the surface making it impossible to separate the color from the aggregate. Soda blasting the surface as soon as possible after an area has been hit with graffiti is the best way to combat the problem.
Engine Part Cleaning Engine part cleaning can be very important. We don’t often think of engine parts as being delicate. But just a few grains of sand can score the cylinder walls, rings and bearings of an engine in an instant, add a few more and a brand new engine can be useless in no time. Soda Blast Media however, will not harm the internal components of an engine. Our soda blasting process is used by many engine rebuilding facilities as the preferred method of cleaning engine blocks, heads, pistons, and crank shafts, since it will remove the grease and oil without harming the parts. Another important characteristic of engine part cleaning is there is no abrasive entrapment. There is nothing more frustrating to an engine re-builder than to have an engine completely rebuilt and to start tightening the last bolt on the head only to have the bolt locked in place by a small piece of glass beads, sand or other hard abrasive. This will not happen with baking soda blasting of your engine parts.
Food Equipment Cleaning & Sanitizing Keeping your food processing equipment clean and sanitary is important to your food business. Nobody wants to be eating food that came from a dirty, unsanitary kitchen. Another unique quality of Sodium Bi-Carbonate is its cleaning properties. Couple this with the fact that baking soda itself is a food item makes it the perfect environmentally friendly solution to clean equipment used in food processing and food preparation applications. From an oven with years of baked on grease to cooking grates to restaurant equipment refurbishing, sodablasting can clean like nothing else. Soda blasting your food processing equipment is very fast, thorough, and effective.

Partial List of Uses:

  • Removes Automotive Paint and Neutralizes Rust
  • Removes Graffiti
  • Removes Bottom Paint on Boats
  • Removes Grease on BBQ’s, Heavy Equipment, Bilges, etc…
  • Removes mineral deposits on Tile, Rocks, Pools..
  • Cleans Condensing Coils
  • Cleans Vent-A-Hoods and other Restaurant surfaces
  • Remediates Molds and Removes Smoke Damage on surfaces for Restoration
  • Cleans engine parts & components


  • Won’t Damage Glass
  • Remove Paint from Fiberglass
  • Won’t Damage Chrome
  • Water Soluble
  • No Pitting
  • Works Quickly
  • No Warping
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Neutralizes Surface Rust