I've been in the automotive indusrty for many years and have worked with a lot of the industry greats. Having just moved to the Tucson area (from So Cal) not to long ago. I didn't know where to go. I started asking around. My standards are pretty high. Well when my personal truck needed work, I wanted to make sure that I could look at it everyday. If it wasn't done right, I would go crazy. Well after meeting Max and getting his assurance that he would do a good job for me. I left him the keys and we agreed on when the job would be finished. Picking up the truck was a very pleasing. They did things that surprised me. They kept the original sheet metal and pounded it out instead going the easy way and using some imported panel. They did it the right way. Here's the kicker. The insurance only covered so much and I had to make up the difference on the deductable. He gave us a break on that as well. Got a better job and paid a bit less than I expected. Since then, my daughters car has been repaired as well. Max now does all our company displays as well as show vehicles Just wanted to say "Thanks" to Max and his crew once again

Max, Travis, and Bob did a great job on my 87 Iroc. I had bought the car when I was 15 and waited 16 years to do it right. I am more than pleased with the finished product. The car looks better today than when it was brand new. They are fair on price, and won't let something leave their shop until it is perfect! I have another project for them, and I can't wait to see how good this one will look as well.
David, Tucson

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Max, Bob, and Travis at Max's Center Attractions for repairing our tool truck after being involved in an accident in April. Due to us owning our own mobile tool business our tool truck is our only revenue. Max and the gang made sure we had minimal down time and handled everything from start to finish. Their high standard of workmanship is second to none. If you need any kind of body work done from a minor scratch to a major collision repair, I highly recommend taking your vehicle to Max's Center Attractions.
Marty Bey, Cornwell Tool Dealer

I recently bought a 2002 Corvette that had a deep scratch in the upper part of the left front fender. I was worried about wether it could be fixed for a reasonable cost and painted to match the older color. Max gave me a really good estimate so I said go for it. Took the car down and left it with Bob and the painter (Travis). When I went back to pick it up, I was very pleased with job they did. The car looked like new. It was done in a very reasonable time/ cost/ and looks GREAT!!!!!! Thank You to the guys at Max\'s Center Attractions for a job well done!
Bill Barr, tucson, az.

I have had body work done before at other locations in and outside of Tucson and I have never been more satisfied then when at Max's Center Attractions. Management is awesome, very attentive and they don't nickel and dime you. I was very pleased with their customer service and work done on my car. My car was brand new when I had my accident, so as expected I was devastated! But they fixed my car so well that no one can ever tell the difference! Any additional concerns I had they fixed with no hesitation! I HIGHLY recommend this repair shop!!! ALH

My car is more than my transportation, it is my main hobby, and I take a lot of pride in it. I once had another body shop tell me my car color was "hard to match". I've never gotten excuses like that from Max's, just high quality workmanship. As long as I'm in Tucson I will never take my car anywhere else.
Robert, Tucson

I have been around the automotive industry for over 40 years,and any time Iwas unable to do my own paint and body repairs I went to see max. max and company are some of the best in the industry bar none! I have never been disappointed with the quality of his work, I assure you will not find any one more honest or fair and reasonably priced. His shop is not the fastest shop in town but you will find the wait well worth your time .I am a repeat costomer several times over. Regards: Ron James
Ron James, Tucson Arizona

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